There are a number of benefits to using turmeric spice and it originates from a shrub which is classified as being in the ginger family and has a long history serving multiple purposes for those who are in need of relieving various symptoms from different medical conditions. Turmeric spice is extremely common in Asian cuisine and it is used in countries like China and Japan all the time in various dishes; it can really give that extra kick to a certain type of food that is lacking something with regards to taste. This shrub is cultivated in numerous parts of Asia, but especially Southern China and Indonesia where it is most common. Although there are parts of Africa where it is grown, it is most popular in Asian countries.

Many different restaurants and individuals throughout Asia and other parts of the world use turmeric for yellow food coloring and also as a natural dye. Turmeric is primarily used as a spice for Asian food and can completely transform a dish within seconds of adding it. Some of the most common foods which turmeric is added to include rice, tofu, salad, pudding, cheese dishes, and eggs. It is also commonly find in certain curry powders and is often used to enhance the flavor of peppers in some dishes.

Turmeric is generally considered to be safe to use with foods and has a “GRAS” status from the FDA which stands for Generally Recognized as Safe, in this case for food. As far as using turmeric for a spice is concerned, you should be able to find it in your local grocery store either whole or ground. Most of the time turmeric will be in the spice section of supermarkets in grocery stores so you will most likely be able to find it there. Because of the fact that this particular spice is sensitive to light exposure, it is packed tight and sealed so it will not go bad. Usually turmeric will start to lose some of its potency after it has been stored for around six months unsealed, so you will want to make sure to use it before then in order to get the most out of it while you have it in your home.

How to Use Turmeric

A spoon full of turmeric

Turmeric is also referred to as Indian saffron in some areas and goes extremely well in certain curry mixes as well as mustard pickles and chutney. You will definitely want to experiment with it as much as possible, putting it in with chicken as well as rice, vegetables, and turkey. You can even use turmeric as a salad dressing which is something that not many people know but it is a great cooking tip to follow because it tastes great like this. When cooking with turmeric spice it is important that is has a very pungent odor and taste, so you will be able to use just a little and have it go a long way. When you are cooking with this spice it will be important to try to touch as few things as possible because of the fact that it acts as an extremely powerful yellow dye and can easily stain certain things. You will be able to buy turmeric spice in several different colors, bright yellow and an orangish-yellow color depending on what you will be using it with. Chances are you will easily be able to find this spice in one of your local grocery stores; they will have it in either the whole or ground form, but you will want to make sure to get exactly what you need depending on what kind of food you will be using it with.

Turmeric Spice is Versatile

Turmeric spice is certainly versatile and serves a number of purposes, including medical benefits which can be worth looking at. Besides just being a culinary spice there is also the medicinal use to consider. It can help with the digesting process and take away symptoms of certain illnesses such as diarrhea, flatulence, and certain problems which are associated with the gallbladder. Many people find this spice to be extremely tasty but few people realize the health benefits of it. You can also take it to help stimulate your appetite, although it does not work for everyone.