How Turmeric Works as an Antioxidant

The antioxidative properties of turmeric are one of the many incredible things that make it such an amazing spice. Oxygen is crucial for us to live. However, it also has a part in quite a number of diseases that many of us suffer from. This is because when oxygen is metabolized, it produces free radicals as a byproduct. We do naturally produce antioxidants to counter these reactive oxygen species. However, pollution, diet, lifestyle, and a lot of other things can affect our body’s efficiency in dealing with these free radicals. This is when those diseases get to work and start harming our bodies. Cancer, aging, body decay, and more often comes as a result of too many free radicals in our body. They can also harm DNA and cells.

To help our bodies counter these free radicals, we need to make sure we include foods full of antioxidants in our diet. Vitamin C and E are vitamins that have antioxidative properties. This means that nuts, seeds, and fruits like oranges can be great for some antioxidative vitamins. Another terrific antioxidative food source that many people don’t know about, however, is turmeric.


What makes turmeric such a terrific antioxidant?
The major compound in turmeric, called curcumin, is primarily what makes turmeric such a terrific antioxidant. Curcuminoids are incredibly effective at neutralizing free radicals and keeping them from harming our bodies. If our body’s natural way to counter free radicals isn’t adequate, turmeric will help our bodies to do so. In fact, experts believe that turmeric may very well prevent the development of free radicals. This does a great deal to minimize the damage that they can do. Wondering how one simple spice can prevent the development of free radicals? Turmeric is able to block the oxidizing capabilities of metals in both. This means iron complex is decreased and peroxidation is blocked. When you make turmeric a constant part of your diet, your body will be able to neutralize free radicals and decrease your risk of developing a disease or cell damage. Aside from this, turmeric even encourages the other antioxidative enzymes in our body to work harder and do even more! It’s certainly quite an incredible spice, isn’t it?


What are the benefits of turmeric neutralizing the free radicals in my body?
There are several benefits of the antioxidative effects of turmeric. First of all, it slows down the aging process. Free radicals break down your body at a faster rate. Turmeric slows it down and allows you to stay young for a longer time. Since there will be less active free radicals harming your body, you won’t be as prone to developing chronic diseases related to free radical attacks. You’ll also be less likely to develop tumors, cell mutation, and cancer in general. Your heart will be healthier because oxidized cholesterol will be removed from your body. You also won’t have to undergo quite as much oxidative stress and inflammation, which will generally increase your quality of life.

Is there really a downside? Protect your health by making turmeric a regular part of your diet today!

Chris Azzari

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