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The Benefits of Chewing Fresh Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice made from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. It’s a big part of cuisines all around the world. Indian cuisine, in particular, is well-known for including turmeric. Aside from giving curry dishes a vibrant yellow color, it adds a delicious flavor. Best of all, turmeric comes with several great medicinal benefits and is known to be a spice recommended by doctors everywhere. Studies are now indicating that turmeric – more specifically, curcumin, the main substance in turmeric – can offer you quite a number of great health benefits when chewed fresh.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways that chewing fresh turmeric can be great for your health.

It’s a natural way to fight inflammation
The curcumin found in turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. It can reduce swelling that results from arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and even ulcerative colitis by slowing down the activity of enzymes involved in these conditions. Research confirms that curcumin is a great natural way to suppress inflammation. Six years ago, a study looked into whether curcumin was able to maintain remission for subjects who suffered from ulcerative colitis. Results indicated that those who supplemented with curcumin were less likely to experience a reoccurrence of inflammatory bowel disease. More research is certainly needed. However, studies so far have been promising!

It can help decrease your risk of cancer

Besides having anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin is also an antioxidant. This means that it decreases the number of free radicals in your body that may damage your cell membranes and increase your risk of cancer. Experts believe that turmeric may be able to decrease your risk of developing several types of cancer such as that of the breast, prostate, skin, and colon. One study carried out three years ago indicated that curcumin was able to slow the growth of cancer stem cells. Curcumin is completely safe for people to take while underoging with chemotherapy. Again, further research and extensive clinical trials are required before any hard conclusions are drawn.

It improves the effectiveness of your digestive system
Scientists are currently studying the effects of turmeric on your digestive tract. As of now, we know that turmeric encourages bile production in your gallbladder. This helps your digestive tract to process fatty nutrients, meaning that it can improve the effectiveness of your digestive system. In fact, Germany’s legislative body lists turmeric as a legitimate digestive aid.


It may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

Turmeric is able to reduce the chance of blood platelets clumping. This means that turmeric may very well reduce your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. More research is needed, but studies so far have been promising.

How do I take turmeric?
You can buy fresh turmeric at many grocery stores or health food stores. They’re generally sold with their outer layers still intact. You can peel or cut this outer layer off. It’s important to note that turmeric has a very vibrant color that can stain your skin. You may want to wear gloves while handling it. If you don’t want it to stain your lips, cut it into small pieces and add it into salads and other fresh dishes. Turmeric tastes a little bitter and peppery but the flavor blends well with quite a few dishes. You can eat up to three grams daily. Do note that if you take blood thinners, medications that reduce stomach acids, or diabetes medicine, it’s best for you to consult with your general practitioner before supplementing with turmeric.

Reasons Why Turmeric is Great & Why You Should Eat More

Is curry on the menu for dinner tonight? If so, consider going heavy on the turmeric. Besides the vibrant yellow color the spice will add to your dish, there are so many health benefits that you could be taking advantage of. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin. This amazing substance is an antioxidant and a compound that reduces swelling. It can even be used to treat everything from diabetes to cardiovascular disease!

There are still studies being done on the health benefits of turmeric. That being said, the studies that have been done so far have been extremely promising and you won’t suffer any side effects from making it a bigger part of your diet.

Wondering why you can never go wrong with a little more turmeric in your life? Here are five reasons:


1 – It will fortify your liver

Your liver is an incredibly important part of your body. It is tasked with the job of making energy out of fuel, eliminating toxins from your body, and producing bile which will, in turn, help you digest your food better. The compounds found in turmeric are able to keep your liver from getting damaged, help it perform more efficiently, and even promote the regeneration of new liver cells.


2 – It will reduce swelling

There’s inflammation as a key factor in many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even diabetes. It’s incredibly important to keep the body as balanced as possible to enjoy good health. Turmeric is able to reduce swelling and inflammation in your body and will keep you in good health. It can even help you guard against diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis.


3 – It will promote good digestion

This incredible spice encourages bile production. Bile is an important part of digestion as it helps to break down and digest the fat from the food that you ingest. Turmeric also helps with the gas and bloating associated with people who aren’t able to digest food very well.


4 – It will clear up your airways

Curcumin, the compound found in turmeric, is able to keep excessive histamine from being released in your body. This is the compound that causes allergy-prone people and hay fever suffers alike to experience blocked airways and difficulty breathing.


5 – It will upgrade your brain

Research indicates that curcumin is able to increase the amounts of a brain chemical called BDNF in animal subjects. This is believed to improve mental health, boost your mood, and generally give you a better outlook on life. The neurochemical also promotes the growth of new neurons which potentially improves your memory.


I’m ready to eat more turmeric!

There are so many ways to get more turmeric into your system. Although you could always take it in capsule form, you can also toss it into food and drinks. Grab some fresh turmeric from the supermarket and grate it into your food or even your morning smoothie. You can add powdered turmeric to a lot of different food as well. Consider eating it along with fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and fatty fish to increase absorption rate.


Turmeric Spice – 7 Awesome Ways to use Turmeric

If you are familiar with the world of healthy foods, you have probably heard of the benefits of turmeric spice. The plant has a ton of health benefits. It contains curcumin, a chemical compound that is medically useful for its anti-inflammatory property, reduction of the risk of heart disease and as a treatment arthritis.

Not only that, It has been a part of Asian cuisine, particularly Indian, for thousands of years. The yellow-ish golden color and the unique scent is recognizable whenever you see it. But for westerners who aren’t sure what to do with it, then this quick guide is perfect for you. You can use it in your everyday cooking in many ways to ensure that you enjoy these health benefits as well as giving your kitchen a new twist. Some people believe that it’s best paired with black pepper, as they both have that natural warm taste to them, making them a perfect pair for each other.

So without further adieu, here are 7 great ways to use turmeric and your cooking.


1. Add it to scrambles and frittatas.

Scrambled eggs might seem like a boring breakfast, but it doesn’t have to be. By adding powdered turmeric in your eggs, you will get an even deeper shade of gold than you might find more appetizing. It’s a flavor that you might have never had before, so if turmeric isn’t something you’re used to, you might want to go light on it and see if you like it. Not only that, but you can also add it to your frittatas scrambled tofu, or something with similar texture.


2. Toss it with roasted vegetables.

If you’re bored with your regular roasted vegetables, then try sprinkling turmeric powder on there to add some unique flavors to your roasted cauliflowers, potatoes, and carrots. The slightly warm and peppery taste of turmeric perfectly complements these sweet vegetables and savory seasoning.


3. Add it to rice.

If you like rice, adding a pinch of turmeric when you are cooking it can add an aroma that will increase your appetite. You can also add it to your pilaf to give it a more complex flavor combination.


4. Try it with greens.

Green beans, kale, collard greens, and cabbage can be elevated to the next level if you just add a touch of turmeric to it. For those who don’t like vegetables because of their strong scent, turmeric will cover the scent up perfectly, helping to increase your appetite and you might actually find a new appreciation for greens.


5. Use it in soups.

Chicken soup and vegetable stock can be boring, why not consider adding some spice to it to make them more special.


6. Blend it into a smoothie.

This might not be the obvious use of turmeric, but it actually goes really well with sweet and sour juice. Try adding a small pinch of turmeric into your favorite fruit smoothies and see the magic happens.


7. Make tea.

Simmer turmeric spice with coconut milk and honey to make an earthy and comforting beverage. Some people call this drink the “golden milk”, as it has that creamy texture with a dimmed, golden color.